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What You Can Expect

Immerse yourself in our world of calm and relaxation. 

Nestled in the Wyoming Valley of Northeastern Pennsylvania, Eleventh Element Relaxation Spa is designed for the rejuvenation of the human spirit. Adhering to a vision of zen-inspired luxury, Eleventh Element merges ancient traditions with modern technology to create an unparalleled wellbeing experience. 

                                        Renew. Refresh. Revive.


Healing Starts Here At Our Spa

The eleventh element on the periodic table, salt,  plays a crucial role in our lives and is the basis for healing at Eleventh Element Relaxation Spa. 

From signature Halotherapy (salt rooms) and infrared saunas to state-of-the-art float tanks, each wellness journey helps to improve stress relief, respiratory health, skin conditions and boost your immune system. We're here to assist in healing the body, calming the mind and nurturing the soul. 


Select Retail Products

In addition to our relaxing services, the Eleventh Element retail area offers very select items to compliment your experience. Products that can be locally and ethically sourced is our priority.

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